About Us

Computing Chips is an innovative network of websites that spans the global IT industry to provide latest news and vital sourcing information directly to your browser, absolutely free of charge.

Designed to provide a one-stop-shop for all IT matters – including repair, rental, buying and selling – IT Backbones is an invaluable source of reference material for both the dedicated technology professional and the amateur enthusiast.

Unlike other, one-dimensional services, IT Backbones provides a range of dedicated websites to cover different aspects of the IT sector.

From Internet news site HookTheNet to security forum TheITShield and enthusiast site ApplesandMacs, the network covers a vast array of new topics.

IT recycling marketplace TecCemetery, rental specialists, such as Scanner4Hire, and maintenance support sites, including Scanner4Repairare amongst the numerous specialist websites dedicated to sourcing products and services.

Additionally, IT Backbones also offers listings for events My IT Diary and other essential information BrokerDataNet relevant to buying, selling, hiring and maintaining IT products and services.