Hela Duraflex Keyboards Keep Domino Pizza’s PCs Running

The Domino Pizza franchise in Livingstone has two branches and each is equipped with 5 Dell PCs for inputting orders into the system. In the interests of hygiene, each keyboard was fixed to the wall and fitted with a plastic overlay but, according to Alan Johnston, Director of the Domino franchise, “The keyboards take a lot of punishment and are frequently knocked of the wall. The plastic overlays get very dirty and look very tatty. Then I read about the indestructible rubber Hela Duraflex keyboard and bought 10, which I have had glued to the walls. Now we can wash these down and disinfect them whenever they get dirty and they work really well. They are ideal for the kind of hostile environment we have to operate in and I expect them to be rolled out to many other Domino franchises in the future.”

The Duraflex keyboard comes in full size with a numeric keypad or mini size without, connects via ps/2 or USB ports and comes with a two year warranty. The full size version retails at around £28 and the mini version at around £26. According to Herman Bynke, Managing Director of Hela, “The Duraflex keyboard has a hundred different applications. It will operate in extremely hostile environments from -40C to +80C, well beyond the capabilities of ordinary keyboards. It can also be used outdoors in any weather.”