Play ExaProtect’s Spot The Ball Competition And Get The World Cup Live On Your PC

Simply click online to win with ExaProtect, and you can watch every game at your office. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss…

14 June, 2006
If you’d like to watch the live TV action from the World Cup while keeping an eye on your business goals, ExaProtect, the leader in core security event management (CSEM) is giving the chance to win a digital TV adaptor for your PC in its simple Spot the Ball competition.

Simply plug the tuner into one of your PC’s USB ports and you can tune into all the action as it happens over the coming weeks.

To enter, simply visit, enter your email address and click on the image where you think the ball should be. You can do this as many times as you like, and the winner will be announced at the end of each week during the World Cup, until the Final on July 9th.

There’s also a range of soccer-themed content on the site to help educate visitors on the business and security benefits of CSEM.

ExaProtect’s solutions monitor critical business systems, network sessions and behaviour in real-time according to business rules and security policies. They alert IT staff when any network or system activity deviates from corporate policy, and help prioritise responses to those alerts, ensuring security risks are minimised.

ExaProtect’s UK general manager Jason Holloway said: “Without CSEM solutions, spotting emerging security events and understanding their implications can be almost impossible. CSEM makes this process simple, adding real value to corporate security and helping users to achieve business goals. With the PC TV tuner, the winner can also keep an eye on the real goals in the World Cup.”